About me

 I have lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since I was born. I grew up on the northside mainly and I have lived all over Milwaukee but I stayed more in the northside. My favorite color is Red, because it is a powerful color and it looks good on me. I have 5 siblings, 3 from my mother and 2 from my father. My favorite food is Nachos, I just like nachos and a steak dinner. I am involved in Entrepreneurship, I don’t like having a boss or supervisor over me and I am to be self employed. I want to go to North Carolina a & t university, they have a good business program for me to join when I get accepted. After getting my acceptance letter i will be 100% Dorm life for sure. My plan is to move out of state. I chose this because I want to be financially free, I want to have something to pass down and change the whole poverty cycle that my relatives have been stuck in. I like to think. It helps me process life. When the weather is right it is nice to just go outside and take it all in. Call it a mental health break. I like to motivate myself because I always surprise myself and come up with the best things. 

 High school experience

High school I would definitely not recommend, it was… a journey. A lot happens in high school, everything seems so chaotic. You’re going through growth and puberty. Everybody wants to give you their advice and then constantly talks about college. It’s just a lot. My high school years were a lot but very fun, I can definitely say that I am not who I was freshman year. You for sure change into a whole new person, good or bad. By the time you hit senior year, it’s like life just ran past you. Next thing you know, you’re 18 and outta here. The best advice I would give to anyone starting or still in high school is, just try your best. A lot is going to be thrown at you and it’s ok to take a day, week, even a month off. Just try your best and when you’re done taking your mental break get back to work and finish strong. 

Experience at Marquette upward bound( UB is the best)

I honestly didn’t want to go upward bound, my 8th grade counselor made me apply and told my mom so that they could be on the same page, which was ironic because she wanted me to go too. Although, the minute I got into the program it wasn’t all bad. I am actually grateful that I was forced to be in the program. My counselor at the time was Andrew, he is the best counselor in the world. I’ve made so many memories and we became a family in this program. I’d give it 5 stars. If I could I would definitely do it again.

Efueko Landry and Kendra Bamforth are two amazing and strong women that has really been in the trenches. they came to talk about essential oils and their business but after just a few minutes of talking to them, I have learned a lot of good life lessons that I will take with me for as long as I live. Although I did learn a lot of about essential oils like the many uses that it has just from one bottle and the process of actually getting the oil. There are about 250 drops in each bottle from certain trees and plants in Africa. Learning about these women and their lives was truly something unexpected.. but in a good way. I enjoyed having the opportunity to learn from them and just spend time.

Ryan Roger is a very insightful and lively person. He has a lot of wisdom to share and he is very motivational. While talking to the class he showed the important of putting in hard work and how vital it is to have a team on your side, preferably people you can trust. Ryan also was pointing out the importance of visions and sticking to your word. He said, If you owe someone anything, pay them back and get that type of debt off of you,” that was a bit paraphrased but basically the point was to always keep your word and be trustworthy. Overall it was a pleasure and opportunity to meet him and have that different perspective.

  • essential oils are a good substitute for health products
  • oils can help with balance, mental health , and overall wellness.
  • Highly recommended

Photography catches the essence of the moment. Lighting, angles, and creativity matter when taking a picture. There shouldn’t be too much light or too little light because it destroys the detail of the picture itself. Taking a good picture is actually easier than it sounds but only if you have the vision and like to focus on detail.