Hi Reader! My name is Alana Fisher and I’m a part of this web design class. Me along with two partners, contributed to the interview aspect of the project. But besides the work we’ve done for the class, I’m a rising senior that attends Rufus King IB High School. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and have lived on the North Side all of my life. I have 4 siblings; two brothers and two sisters and I happen to be the youngest out of all 4. 

Even though I know there might be a million and one things I can talk about when it comes to myself I never think I have a story to share. But hey there is the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and with that quote I have so many pictures that I can tell stories for generations to come ranging from random to weird to scary and boring all from one picture to another. It just sucks that my storage and time doesn’t agree with the amount of stories I want to keep and share (and memory ain’t so good either). 

But hey while I got you reading, here are some of the parts of my life I would like to share in the time being. 


Nah.. JK but here are some Youtubers I like to learn from

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I recommend any video
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My favorite dishes usually include dairy but..

I'm lactose intolerant unfortunately );


To name a few would be: Chicken (broccoli) Alfredo, Macaroni and Cheese, and Ice Cream (Cookies and Cream)

And General Tso Chicken, fried rice, and many various chicken and southern food dishes

“What did it cost?”


Foods that I don't like/thinking about

Some are foods I have a bad memory towards and the rest...

are because my mind can't seem to let me like them

Fish (especially salmon), funyuns (the chip), ramen, cauliflower, and eggs

Pepper (and I’m not talking about the spice)

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