Self & Family

 I grew up on the east side of Milwaukee. My favorite colors are black, white, and gray because they compliment each other well and I don’t really like bright colors as much. I have 5 siblings but I like to say 6. My favorite food is egg rolls. My mom is a C.N.A and my dad is a CNC operator. My favorite Christmas gift ever received was a huge barbie dreamhouse. 

When I graduate college, I want to start my career as a nurse. I would like to attend UWM college of nursing or MATC. I don’t like being away from my comfortable space so I’d stay at home. I chose this career because I like to help people.

I don’t really like going outside but when I do I just like to sightsee taking in everything around me. I think it’d be cool to live on Mars but I’ll pass too far away for me it’d feel unnatural. I would go with PC, it gives me more freedom and is easier to use. And what motivates me is myself. I separate myself from others so I can focus on my objective. 

Hobbies & Talents

I like to garden, do research, and play video games. My sisters own a business and a community garden. I like to drop by sometimes and help out wherever I can. I like to see and learn about other places. I often find myself searching other places and the culture there.

I would be interested in learning other languages if I had time.

Speaker Takeaways

Efueko & Kendra

In the long run, the career path you choose might not be something you’ll continue doing for the rest of your life.

Don’t let others pressure you into making decisions.

Efueko and Kendra’s friendship is really something to behold. They met each other in the same boat and have become a great support system to one another. Learning and taking things away from each other that have changed their lives. I think the most important lesson I learned was identity. Loving yourself and knowing who you are as a person.


Be yourself and do things that make you happy.

A lot of what I took from Alexis was about perspective. Whether that be in photography or real life. When taking photos, it’s important to capture your work and showcase it from your own perspective. In real life, people’s perception of you may be different from your own.

Ryan Rogers

“If you’re gonna commit to something it might as well be something fun or what you enjoy doing”

“Work with what you have, instead of wishing of what you don’t”

Ryan’s speech to me was really about making nothing into something. Really challenging modern society ways and following our own paths. Encouraging us to make our own decisions, making what we have work, and breaking the idea of having to work a 9 to 5. Creating our own businesses and being our own bosses.

Elijah A. Driver

What I took from Elijah was following your own path and doing what makes you happy not others. Not to let something or someone pressure or influence your decisions.