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So far, my proudest accomplishment is making it to my senior year. High school has thrown me up a loop plenty of times, whether it was covid or stressful days. I am proud that I learned perseverance wins the race.

When I finish high school, I would like to earn my CNA, this way I can have experience and I could see what I would like to do in college. After school I would like to take a trip out of the country or just tour around the country.

I often spend my time in the house trying new things. I began to learn dances posted on YouTube. I also prefer to read when I am tired or feeling lazy. I like to sew. I do not see myself using it outside of home. Though I love to sew, I will use my talent for creativity and emergency purposes only, like a whole in pants or old clothes.

My favorite qoute

“Sometimes getting your needs met looks like walking away from the people, places, and things that are no longer in alignment with your growth.” Alex Elle

My favorite things to do are volleyball or swimming, because both are calming to me. Swimming is an activity I do early in the morning, this is when it is cooler out and only the birds are out. Typically, before I get out, I sit and reflect on myself and the day before. Volleyball is something I have been doing my whole life, and it is an activity my father and I enjoyed together.

My favorite memory is when my mom, dad, and I went thrifting and my dad put on this Trump mask and started dancing around the store. We left and ate at the cheesecake factory and headed home. We took our dog for a walk and ended our night looking at the stars.


Spanish is my favorite subject. It gives me a challenge, it’s fun, and it allows me to make new friends. My favorite thing about school is the culture. My school is constantly finding a way to have fun or learn more about the people around you.

I will miss going to school with my cousin. We have been attached to the hip for years and its bittersweet to see that come to an end. My favorite memory is when me and my friends ran out into the rain and had an obstacle course for the yearbook photos. A couple of weeks before my finals my physics teacher thought I would be fun to make a hovercraft or have a boat race, we thought it would be fun to do both. We spent weeks preparing and when the time came, we spent our block period sliding down the hall trying to beat the craft. We got ready for the boat race, and we all sank by the time we reached 4ft. I love Milwaukee Lutheran high school and my experiences, but would I ever work there? No, I enjoyed my time, but I do not think I am supposed to be there any longer than my four years.

Mr.Pronschinske is my favorite teacher because he likes to have fun, listen to people’s problems, and he looks like a thumb thumb.

A good teacher is someone who is understanding.

Milwaukee Lutheran High School


My hobbies make me better.

I love to learn new handwriting styles. My mom made me practice my handwriting when I was younger and I loved to experiment with styles. I have been finding  new ways since I was in the 3rd grade.

I like to dance because I feel free. I have been dancing since I was two years old, my mom would always sign me up for things.

I like to take my Nana’s dog to the park. I just recently started taking him to the park. This is a fairly new thing, one day I was bored so I went to the park and he followed me out the door.

If I could have a weird talent, I’d learn how to shoot bow and arrows with my feet.

My mom is my hero because of the sacrifices she has made for me. She has shown that life isn’t always sweet and that you have to work for what you want. I have known my hero for 17 years. Even though we have known each other for a long time, what connected us was the death of my dad. The greatest lesson my mom has taught me was that family could be anything or anyone, and to make some along the way to my destiny. One of my favorite qualities from my mom is my kindness, it helps give opportunity. If I could give my mom her flowers and a speech I would tell her that I am thankful for everything, and I appreciate how close we are and the love she has for me. 


My mom takes me home



Jewon Dyson

“People come in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”


Keosha Rivers

“You are not living for anybody, you have a purpose, and you have to find it on your own.”

Landry family

“Every door opens another door.”

ctrlPretty Little Birds (feat. Isaiah Rashad)
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My favorite type of music is R&B/ Soul. These are my go to songs.

Clear - EP
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