Efueko and Kendra – Today Efueko Landry and Kendra Bamforth really opened my eyes today about the history of oil and how they work. I really enjoyed hearing their stories about before how stress well mainly life were getting to them and after they discovered oils their minds/ life changed. From smelling the oil I really liked the peppermint oil. The oil really woke me up. So I’ll be buying that one to help get me up when I’m tired :).


Alexis – Today which is 7/5/21 we had Alexis come in to inform us about photography. We learned about the significance of lighting, angles and exposure. I really enjoyed our side talks as well about Spider-man, Tiktok vs Social media and much more.

Ryan – Today July 12, 2021 Ryan taught me the importance of doing what you really enjoy no matter what. Also he’s really flexible with his time.