I’m from Michigan, a small city just across the lake and moved here at the start of my high-school career in 2018. 

My previous favorite colors were green and rose gold but, now I’m at a point in my life where I appreciate more than one color, like the nudes.  

I’m the oldest of 3 siblings{2 girls and one boy} 

My favorite foods is Caribbean and island based like jerk, red snapper, and coconut rice.  

My mom? The ultimate part timer, I never know where she exactly works at cause she always has a new one.

Favorite Christmas gift? First pair of Ugg’s. 

My two favorite things to do is make money because I want a certain type of lifestyle where I can afford to get what I need but, what I want as well also being around people who I can be my self with, people who forces me out of my introvert shell and do things I wouldn’t think of doing.

I have one puppy his name is Benji Bugatti, he is one years old.

Out of PC or Mac I would pick the mac because it’s advanced and some are touch screens. 

One thing I loved about coming back was seeing my friends. 

My motivation? My siblings and people doubting me. 

After I graduate college, I plan on going into forensic science/ psychology field.

I would choose forensic science/ psychology as a career field because I’m passionate about finding out the who, what, where, and how of what led up to a victims death and why they had to die.

My top college picks are Tugaloo College, Arizona State, UW-Platteville, Wash-U in St. Louis, and Tennessee state. 

I would choose dorm life over home life because I would get experiences that I wouldn’t get if I was at home.

My definition of a good teacher is somebody who teaches the students how to be successful and also gives them the tools for. Not doubting or having prejudice against students make s for a good teacher as well. I would pick Sardina as a favorite teacher because he cares and he’s relatable.

The subject I enjoy the most in school was PLTW biomedical sciences. From This class I discovered the passion for solving how people died and analyzing the crime scene ,blood splotches ,and possible subjects(we did stimulations).

My first favorite hobby is graphic designing which I enjoy because I pick it up quickly and tweak it to my own. makeup. My second hobby is doing my own makeup because it can be compared to art and creating something different..

I would be interested in learning how to do lash extensions and lace frontal/closures because I want to do them for myself and others as well. 

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