Upward Bound (UB)

Upward Bound is a pre-college program for low-income and first-generation high school students. The program helps these students enter and successfully complete college. Students take classes to help them build a strong foundation for their high school years and are also provided tutors throughout the school year, career development labs, college application assistance, academic and personal counseling, social and cultural activities, and college tours. The students are nurtured with great care to become strong, self-confident, disciplined, and responsible persons for college and for life. 

Upward Bound Math & Science (UBMS)

Upward Bound Math Science is a similar program to Upward Bound, but is designed for students who have a serious interest in math or science careers. UBMS offers specialized math, science, writing, and technology classes to its students. 

Steve Robertson
Steve RobertsonAssociate Director for Precollege Programs
Steve is the director of the Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math & Science, and Educational Talent Search programs. He is a great speaker and extremely inspirational to his students. Although he can be brutally honest, he is a caring and genuine person who is always loving towards his students.

Marquette Programs Available for HS students and HS graduates

  • UB, UBMS, Student Support Services, McNair Scholars Program
  • EOP’s mission: “The EOP Pre-College Division supports, guides, and empowers first-generation, income-eligible young men and women as they strive for successful high school completion, post-secondary enrollment and graduation, and life-affirming careers and futures.”
  • Academic, career, financial counseling
  • Encouragement for postsecondary education and completion
  • Recruitment of 8th graders and up 
  • Offers specialized classes, tutorials, college placement assistance, career development labs, personal counseling, and social/cultural activities and trips
  • Recruitment of 9th graders and up
  • Similar to UB but encourages academic achievement in the math, science, or technology field
  • Enrolls pre-college seniors at Marquette 
  • Provides supportive services such as financial aid assistance, pre-enrollment summer program, academic counseling, etc.
  • Directed towards undergraduates and preps students for graduate school
  • Provides resources and eligibility in paid internships

UB/UBMS Alumni

1. Education: Riverside High School, 2005
2. Post-secondary education: UW-Madison in 2010 & Kent State University in 2015
3. Profession: Physician specializing in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
4. Private Practice, Milwaukee. On staff Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital
5. Former UBMS student

1. Education: St. Francis HS, 2005
2. Post-secondary education: Xavier University of Louisiana in 2009
3. Profession: Entrepreneur/Social Work transitioning into full time work
4. Entrepreneurship in June 2019
5. Former UBMS student

1. Education: Rufus King High School, 1990
2. Post-secondary education: Cardinal Stritch University
3. Profession: business owner of Daddy‚ Äôs Soul Food and Grille, also a Real Estate broker & President of Dulaney Real Estate Investment Services
4. Former UB student

1. Education: Riverside High School, 1995
2. Post-secondary education: University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 1999
3. Profession: Professor conducting research on Black women with depression
4. Former UB student

1. Education: Rufus King High School, 1990
2. Post-secondary education: Marquette University in 1994
3. Profession: Region Finance Director at Amazon & International Vice President at Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
4. Former UB student

1. Education: Nicolet High School, 2001
2. Post-secondary education: Marquette University, 2005
3. Profession: Assistant Department Chair at Purdue University Global and Full-time Grad student
4. Also working on PhD in Criminal Justice
5. Former UBMS student
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Steve Robertson Maggie Cinto Andrew Ashley Kierra Reid
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Previous Years Of UB/UBMS

Quotes From Staff And Peers

Director Steve

Counselor Andrew

 TC Nicole

TC Mario

Jaleen Class of 2022 Senior

Alana Class of 2022 Senior


Guest Speakers

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