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My favorite meals to eat are sopes and pozole. The dish on the far right is a stew that consists of pork or beef with white hominy and you can put lettuce, radish, spicy herbs, and lime. The other dish to the left is a masa base with beans spread amongst the top, then you add ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, and cheese.


My proudest accomplishment so far is buying my first car by myself with no help and no handouts and being able to provide myself with my needs. All with balancing it with school and still passing all my classes. There was a lot of stress along the way, but I endured it and was motivated to achieve what I wanted too.

I usually work when I am not in school. If I’m not scheduled to work, I make plans with my friends or I go to meetings related to school or job. If it’s not that then I go do the little activities like getting a haircut.

One thing I would like to do before I finish high school is buy a house or own some type of property. I also want to invest in the stock market. I also want to buy another car such as a Srt-8 or any other fast car.

Do you use this talent in any way outside of school or home? If not, how would you like to use this talent in the future? A hidden talent I can say I have is that I can draw and color basically anything. I know how to do shading, tracing, etc. I have not used this talent outside of school or home. I would like to use this talent in the future as a way to escape what is going on in my life because art brings me calmness.

(No paragraph needed, just the quote and author if known) “My father wasn’t the reason why I was born poor. He is the reason I’m going to die rich.” Cristiano Ronaldo

My favorite childhood memory was staying at Wilderness when I first moved to Milwaukee and staying in the cabin during the wintertime. It was the whole family with cousins and aunties, and it was a joyful moment.

How was High School like for Alejandro?

The high school I attend is Marquette University High School. I was blessed to be given the opportunity of choice, so I was able to attend the school. I want to take advantage of the opportunities that the school can give to me.

What subject do you enjoy the most and why?

The subject I enjoy the most is Spanish class. I enjoyed it because I was in class with people I had known since grammar school, so it went smoothly. It was also a stress-free class, although it was an AP it was not as difficult as your average AP class would be.

What is your favorite thing about your school? (The culture, the gym, the mascot, etc.)

My favorite thing about my school is the freedom they give to students. The culture is very appealing to the students because they have choices to choose the classes, they want plus the school offers a ton of resources for students to embody what they want to become in the future. An example of having freedom is students leaving school early if they have a free period during the school day or a student taking classes at colleges and universities.

What is your definition of a good teacher? And who is your favorite teacher and why?

My definition of a good teacher is a teacher that understands where each student is coming from and making class enjoyable. They can still teach the curriculum but make it in a way that does not follow the standard teaching in most schools. I do not have a favorite teacher.

What will you miss the most about high school?

The thing I will miss about high school is being around people I feel comfortable being around. Just enjoying the time, we get together in school. Other things I will miss are the football and basketball games.

What is your favorite memory so far? My favorite memory so far about high school was playing high school soccer in my freshman year. It was a fun experience to play soccer with people that I have never met. We built relationships and still talk to this day.

Share a funny story. A funny story was on the last day of the school year. The seniors played a prank, and it was just a fun time because all the teachers stood there helplessly. It was just a great time to laugh.

Would you work for the high school you will graduate from?

No, I would not work for the high school that I will graduate from because I feel like I would be working a job I do not enjoy. I was always taught that soon a job should be something I look forward to doing and not forcing myself to like it. I also do not like working for no one.

My Heroes

A hero in my life has to be my parents. My dad has been living on his own since he was a teenager in Mexico and moved to the United States by himself. He had a difficult journey coming to the United States as he literally risked his own life just for a better future. My dad was never stressed and always worked hard every day to support the family, and he made sure we had food on the table everyday. Despite living in Los Angeles for almost 20 years and never escaping poverty even to this day my dad keeps going and that what motivates me in life. My other hero is my mother, she did everything she could to help take care of us. She rarely broke down, but she was a strong women.

Where my parents moved when they first came to the United States...

My dad moved to Tijuana, Mexico which is in the bottom part of Californa, when he migrated to the United States, and my mother migrated to Los Angeles, California with my auntie. My parents were friends in their hometown. Both were born and raised in Leon, Guanajuato.

Where my family lived in at Los Angeles

My parents then become in a relationship once my dad moved to Los Angeles, and then had my older sister and got married. Our domain when we lived in Los Angeles was 2412 E. Stockwell St. This street is found in the city of Compton.

My Other Hero

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Another hero for me is Kobe Bryant. He really understood the importance of hard-work and using your talents to become the best you can be at anything. Always going above and beyond the limit or expectation. Defying all odds was the mentality I try to implement in my life.

Jewon Dyson was the first guest speaker, and a takeaway from his journey was to be yourself and find who you truly are despite the influences coming from the people you surround yourself or situations that you are put in where it can change your persona.

Thank you for visiting my website, and get to know who Alejandro is…!