I learned a lot from the two great speakers today. Efueko and Kendra were two amazing people and they are so kind and caring for their selves and others. They both have been through a hand full in life and held their selves together and got through it and became something so amazing and found a way to help others and show them a better way to do things. I also learned that it’s not always best to just take what’s in front of you but you can always come up with your own unique ways to solve problems, when Kendra told us about helping her child’s health with the oils instead of medicine it really touched my heart because just to see that it was 100% real and how happy she was when she said the better outcome that was great 🙂 Another thing that hit me heavy was when Efueko said how the little girl saw how her skin wasn’t the same color and she asked her mom “what’s wrong with her” and it made her melt in the inside, but she told herself better and taught herself to love you for who you are. They are two beautiful and amazing people and it helped me so much and hopefully we can have them back soon…I was told they were going to read this so…

I thank you ladies so much for your time and I listened to everything you said, and been through so keep thriving to be even better than you are now, you are awesome and never give up. Thank you kendra and thank you Efueko for your time.

My name is Arenzo and it was an honor to meet you

The speaker Alexis showed me how much talent I have outside of my own thoughts, when I took the picture of my speaker and water bottle she explained to me how I am good at picture taking and how good I was with adding the detail, the lighting, and focusing on the object with good angles. She was a very nice and outgoing person, she was unique in her own way when it came to the pictures, and did a good way explaining to others the details, and the photo effort they put into it.