I am smart, intellengent, and strong.

Today , Efueko Osaige-Landry and her business partner visited our class. They run an essential oil company called doterra, where the oils are made from natural plants and fruits around the world. We got to hear about their life story, how they and where they met, and how they made it where they are today. We all got to test the oils out and they were wonderful. They actually gave me a sample of this oil called Deep Blue and it helps soothe the pain after working out. I put some on after football practice and it really did help. The other oils help with many types of feelings and emotions and I think it’s great because their company has helped so many people. They encouraged me to share what I know in a way that helps people around the world.


July 19th, 2021

Today, Marcus Landry came in and spoke to my class about his life and he said some really important things. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do after high school but I have ideas and Marcus explained that it’s important to make strong connections and form great relationships with people who may be a part of something that interests you or people who know other people in that field. He told us a lot about agriculture and how he farms and learned how different food was processed and how long it took to make it into stores. He told us how he was playing overseas and realized that his diet was affecting his game and physical health. All that made me want to look into things like that so I can eliminate the most unhealthy foods and replace with more natural foods from the earth because I workout and play sports. When I notice that I’m not at the top of my game, it’s because I either ate like crap or didn’t eat at all. I want to be able to be apart of all types of different organizations and businesses just like he is. I want to make connections with all different types of people who can put me on game so I can turn around and do the same. He said some things about getting into stocks and investing, even at a young age. Everything he said was real inspirational for me.