Efueko Landry and Kendra Bamford 

came to Marquette to talk to our Web Design class on June 28th as our 1st guest speakers. They to us explained their career with working with essential oils and the company; doTerra essential oils. While similar in some ways, they both come from very different lifestyles. They spoke on a range of topics that went from their individual lives, to their profession, to their future plans. And at the end of their presentation, they then answered whatever question we threw at them and to the best of their ability. Even though I’m unable to sum up all of what we learned about Kendra and Efuko into a few sentences, in the time that we had, they were able to provide us with a different perspective on life and how to live it along with showing us that there are different ways to come into your destiny and find your God-given talent/passion.

Kendra on the LEFT and Efueko on the RIGHT

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I was fortunate enough to be able to do guest speaker questions with Efueko and Kendra and this is what he had to say to these questions.

Looking back, I would've done video responses over audio

Lesson Learned

Kendra – What advice would you give?

Efueko – What would be something you would change?