Early childhood

Birth - 10

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On November 24th of 2004 I was born to a pair of Somali immigrants. I’m my parents second child and I spent a lot of time outdoors with my cousins while I was growing up. When I was about five my parents began to move back and forth from Arizona to Vermont a couple of times, when I was around seven years old my parents decided to move to Wisconsin. When I moved to Wisconsin I moved schools a lot. I didn’t really try to make much friends because I knew by this point in time that my parents weren’t ready to settle down.

Middle School Years


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Surprisingly I spent all of middle school in one school. But I must say Middle school was some of the most horrible and most traumatic years of my life. I would never do middle school again. But the one thing I taken away from that experience is my now love for reading.



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I’ve physically, emotionally and mentally grown since my middle school years, a lot of people would say covid might be the worst thing about their high school experience but that would be untrue from my point of view. Being in quarantine gave me the time to discover who I am and what  I liked.



My plans for the future

I plan to go to college for Political Science and psychology at Marquette University, I want to become either a political scientist, politician, immigration specialist, or a private children’s therapist. But I know I want to do something in that field. I often look forward to the future,


I grew up being the second child to my parents. I often times found myself growing up faster than most children my age because having immigrant parents means having to help your parents at a very young age with things they couldn’t understand. My parents are almost illiterate to the English language so I found myself reading government based documents and translating it from such a young age. I have nine siblings which isn’t out of the ordinary in Somali culture. Though i was my parents first child born in America, I often times feel like I wasn’t, my family and i enjoy are culture and throughout my life I remember all the ways my parents try to keep our culture alive, many people don’t realize it but its hard to maintain and remember your culture when you move to a country that has zero resemblance.

Talents & More

During my free time I often find myself reading a book, cooking and/or baking, or making some sort of art.  I think i like doing these things because it makes me feel calm. Its a form of escapism for me. The only talent I’m aware of is reading the English alphabets backwards

For the entirety of my high school experience I’ve been a student at carmen.

If were being honest I didn’t have much of a high school experience due to coronavirus. But with the little time I have spent in high school i had some memorable times as well as ones I wish I could forget.

My Favorite subject is either history or English. I know English is my favorite subject because I think literature is a great form of art and self expression, Literature carries history which lead to my love for history. I think I enjoy history and learning the way the world was. I often times find myself admiring the art the past has left behind for us.


My Hero is my father because he taught me to be kind and ambitious and he’s always there for me when i need him most. I can depend on him to listen tome without adding an opinion.


Guest Speakers


Takeaway: Thrive to prove others wrong


Takeaway: Even though times can get rough, things happen for a reason. Learn to set boundaries and your responsibility because no one else will do it for you.

Mrs. Landry

Theres two type of people in the world choose to be the responsible kind.


More  About  Me

  • Rain
  • The Moon and stars
  • Venus & Saturn
  • museums
  • art galleries
  • traveling