About Jaden

As the name states, this website is about (Me) Jaden Reid. In this site I will tell you about Me and some of my family and friends, My favorite things to do, some of my favorite foods, some of my talents, and you’ll even get know a few random facts as well. I hope you enjoy learning about me in this website all about me.

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I lived on the border of the Brown Deer county and Milwaukee area. I went to the Whitefish Bay school distract thanks to the 2-20 program. The school was mostly white, so my friend group wasn’t the most diverse. My brother and sister also went to the same distract, they’re twins and are 3 years younger than me. I love and hate them both at the same time. The girl is stubborn and sneaky, the boy is whiny and annoying, but I still love them. They’re both pretty silly like me, so I guess that makes up for their faults. Some of my favorite types of foods would have to be Mexican food and Soul food the flavor both food genres(?) bring to your tongue are amazing. My parents work very hard. My dad has to wake up very early in the morning to drive the city buses all day, while my mom works at university; which is where I’m currently working at and writing this.

Getting past final exams. It was tough, the history exam required a lot of research, which I then had to place on a slide show. And he only way I could get full credit is if I presented in front of the entire class. To be honest I was kind of crunching it when it came to time, so when I found out I got an A I was happily surprised. I mostly play video games, or watch tv. But I do ride my bike and hang out with friends from time to time, I would definitely like to hang out with my friends more often now especially since it’s summer time now. When I do hang out with friends we still usually play video games. get a job. For experience and stuff like that. I know I’m doing the earn & Learn program but this is more of paid internship, which I am very glad I’m doing, but getting an actual job would be nice. I’m pretty decent at drawing. I more so use it when I’m bored. I got into drawing throughout elementary school and slowly got better at it throughout the years, once I got a digital app to draw on it brought my skills to the next level. I don’t have a favorite quote, but one that I like is “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm” – Abraham Lincoln. I like this quote because it basically saying to stand strong to your morals. I like bike riding, I just like the wind blowing past my face. I either just bike around the neighborhood or either me and my family go on the bike trail and bike for an hour or two, so I like that.