Justin’s First Website  🧡

Justin Cooil (Class of 2023) 🎓  Forever family with Upward Bound, Basketball athlete / Track athlete .

Hey my name is Justin Cooil welcome to my page! Follow my Social links below and check out my favorite artist Nardo Wick who’s below.

  • Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Traveled alot since a younger kid settled down in Milwaukee when 8 years of age
  • I am currently 17 years of age
  • Im 6’1 play basketball and run track

My favorite color is Green and Black. Green has  always been my favorite color since I was a child, but as time moved on black started to become more and more my favorite color. It started to become my favorite color because I wear it alot and matches with basically anything.

I really dont have a favorite food, but I like burgers a lot that’s like my go to meal. It’s just something that could fill me up pretty easily and somewhat a good meal

18th Birthday Countdown🥳

My Life 💛

Hi, my name is Justin Cooil, I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have a family of six, Five brothers and my Mom. What motivates me in my life is my mom. I’ve grown up in one of the worst neighborhood, but she’s shown me how to get through the bad times. I’m in a good state of life right now and if it wasn’t for my mom I would still be there now. I’m very grateful for my family , there my motivation.

Kobe said “great things come from hard work and perseverance no excuses. This is my favorite quote because it shows why putting in the work gets you there and when you don’t you’d be unprepared.

I can blow smoke out of my mouth. I’ve always done it since I was a little kid.

I play basketball in my spare time or play the game. Or i’m at marquette my life seems very boring I know.

The people that surround me motivate me each day. They work hard and like to stay on top of things, I just love surrounding myself with people like that.

Career Pathway 👨‍💻

My career pathway has always been basketball. Growing up I lived on 16th and Keef, which is a very bad neighborhood. There was a park right across the street from my house that had a basketball court. I played basketball everyday for at least 10 hours a day. Once I saw improvement in my game I knew what I was capable of doing in the future.

My back up plan is being in the engineering field. They make good money and some get to travel the world. The engineering field I want to work in is Patroleum Engineering. I did a research paper on this in the 8th grade and I found it interesting, if basketball doesn’t workout this is something im looking forward to do.

Highschool Experience 💕

My high school experience showed me multiple things . One of those is being yourself, being yourself is what’s going to make you succeed in life. Also to not rely on other people, you should go through high school with motivation surround yourself with people that get there work done because if you don’t you’ll find behind with the people you don’t. Also try to stay on top of things, its like you have to manage with sports, events, and your school work. Also to hang around the right people that do there work also. Because if you hang around people that don’t do there work in your brain your going to think its ok and its really not. Study also plays a big factor in highschool don’t come to class without studying for a test thinking your going to get a A. When in reality your going to fail it. Do your essays for your classes also because they play a huge role in your grade in that class. The link below could help you study for anything its a free resource you should use if you need to study or learn something.

Hobbies and Talents ✨

One hobby that I do have is playing basketball a lot. I also enjoy playing the game. Sometimes I could just play for 6hrs because I enjoy the time, I have on it. Another hobby of mine is going to Marquette I spend most of my time there. I’ve been playing basketball since the 3rd grade started to get really good during the 4th and 5th grade. Wanted to make a future out of it because on how good I am. One day we had recess. I was in the first grade at the time and some older kids were playing basketball. I joined and ran with the ball, and they called travel I clearly did not know what that was. Moved to a bad neighborhood in the 3rd grade and basketball was the only thing around me.

I also enjoy playing the game. Sometimes I could just play for 6hrs because I enjoy the time, I have on it. Another hobby of mine is going to Marquette I spend most of my time there. Also One thing I want to learn is how to cook i’m super interesting in learning because I be hungry I just cannot cook to save my life.

Speaker Takeaways 🤔 

Jewon Dyson

To be yourself and no make bad habits a normal thing. Jewon felt like he messed his career up when he was selling old books to make money off them. Jewon got caught and ran away. He got expelled from his college university. If Jewon never did what he did he would’ve had a bright future in football. Lesson that he taught us is just be around people who have goals and the same motivation as you.

Keosha Rivers

To be prepared for college and even if your life goes down the wrong path you still have time to gain your focus back. Also when you get to college your basically an adult because you have to take care of yourself and you have your freedom.

In Class Work ❤️