I’m from Milwaukee, I grew up on the north side of town. My favorite color is Purple and I have 12 siblings counting my mom and dad side. My favorite food is street tacos and my mom has her own tax business, and my dad makes candy. My favorite Christmas gift was getting my car. My favorite thing in summer to do is pick with the neighborhood  kids. I’m just kidding. My favorite thing to do is to go to camping. I have three pets, Baby is a dog, she’s a girl, Speedy is a turtle, and Gunnie is a guinea pig and She’s a girl. would I live on mars. I don’t know ,I guess I wouldn’t mind it if it was inhabitable, But I see no reason to right now. Do you prefer Mac or Pc. Mac, because I have one. I really don’t care. So far the most interesting thing was Juneteenth, and it was great. Everything else hasn’t been that exciting. My motivation is my dance. I know that this is something I love to do and look forward to. I know that for me to be able to so this I have to succeed at what comes first, my education.