I’m from Milwaukee, I grew up on the north side of town. My favorite color is Purple and I have 12 siblings counting my mom and dad side. My favorite food is street tacos and my mom has her own tax business, and my dad makes candy. My favorite Christmas gift was getting my car. My favorite thing in summer to do is pick with the neighborhood  kids. I’m just kidding. My favorite thing to do is to go to camping. I have three pets, Baby is a dog, she’s a girl, Speedy is a turtle, and Gunnie is a guinea pig and She’s a girl. would I live on mars. I don’t know ,I guess I wouldn’t mind it if it was inhabitable, But I see no reason to right now. Do you prefer Mac or Pc. Mac, because I have one. I really don’t care. So far the most interesting thing was Juneteenth, and it was great. Everything else hasn’t been that exciting. My motivation is my dance. I know that this is something I love to do and look forward to. I know that for me to be able to so this I have to succeed at what comes first, my education.

Guest speaker

Jewon Dyson

What I learned from


One thing I would take away from this time spent with him is that everything happens for a reason. You just have to be prepared and willing to adapt to what ever the situation is.

Guest Speaker


What I learned from

What I learned today is to really evaluate your life choices.  Your decisions will always effect your future self so be careful. I also learned to be mindful towards your friends actions because everything they do might not be beneficial to you. Life won’t always be easy but its what you make of it that makes it smooth. I also learned to really think on what you actually what to become, How you want to leave your legend , and why is it important. At the end of the day you live for you and no one else. So what you do in life will effect you, so be grateful and don’t rush because what every happens will happen regardless and might be your key to a happy and joyful life.

Keosha is on the left and J.D is on the right

Who is my hero? Why and What influenced me?

I can’t say I have hero. It’s more like influence. Of course, I’m grateful for my mother, father and more but they influenced my life more so than “saved it” because when you think hero you think my savior. So I say influence because they will always be a influence to me. How am I influenced? My community influenced me by helping me learn, appreciate, and adapt to surroundings, I’ve known them my whole life. I was connected to them through life. The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to earn what you want and need and not to expect things to be given to you. You shouldn’t expect everything to be given to you in life because you won’t receive anything. If I could take something what would it be? I will take their willingness to achieve greater. I will take their need to move forward. The ability to forgive and move forward, but to never forget. I would read them a little poem. So, they know if you aren’t achieving your goals, it’s not the excuses that need to change its you.

Community Definition
a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common:
“the scientific community” · [more] synonyms:
group · section · body · company · set · circle · clique · coterie · ring · band · faction
a group of people living together in one place, especially one practicing common ownership:
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brotherhood · sisterhood · fraternity · confraternity · sorority · colony · institution · order · body · circle · association · society · league · sodality
a particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants:
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“the sense of community that organized religion can provide”
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My Interest and Hobbies

Sports and Art

So, I love to play sports. I’ve played basketball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and a lot more. I’ve tried so many different sports that it’s crazy. I’m currently in cross-country. I also love art in general. From oil pastels to watercolor and many more. I have over 20 canvases at home and a lot of art supplies. And I love to dance .As long as I can remember. I used to run barefoot to the art trunk at the park. Funny story that same art teacher at the van end up becoming my art teacher in highschool. Since either 3rd or 4th grade I played basketball. I was a defensive player and became captain of my basketball team 8th grade year. Going into my highschool year I wanted to play my freshman year, but education comes first so I decided not to join until my sophomore year. Then covid hit so I was able to play freshman or sophomore year. So, when I came back my junior year, I decided to start a new sport, cross-country. I expect to play sports my whole life and to make art my whole life. Even if I don’t go to the WNBA or become the next biggest artist, I will always have a passion for it. It’s just something I latched onto. When I was little, I used to go to the parks and sign up for their sports team. It just came naturally to me. I would also sign up for any art programs to. I want to become a lawyer in the future or to have a degree in law and then I want to go back to school for business and a cosmetologist license so that I can open a hair shop with my sister where we provide a number of services.

Pictures of my hobbies and talents

The images under this text are logos created to represent me. It showcase my favorite color(purple), My zodiac sign, and something to describe me.

My five pictures from my class project

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