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I’m from Thailand, but was only about a month old when I came to the States. I have no memories of my time in Thailand, but there were a few pictures of myself in Thailand. I would like to go back and visit the country where I was born at least once. I grew up in Milwaukee on the North side of town. I went to school at Humboldt Park k-8 School on the South side and that was where I spent most of my childhood. I made many friends there and also had tons of fun because the teachers at that school were amazing. My favorite color is light grey, but I like almost all darker colors/shades of colors. I like these colors because I think they look nice and very chill. My favorite food is bananas. Bananas are healthy and easy to eat. I like to stay healthy so I don’t really eat junk food anymore, for example, things like pizza. I have 3 other siblings, one older and two younger. My favorite gift for a birthday or Christmas present would be anything soccer related. I like soccer a lot and so if it’s something soccer related, then I would be happy. I play soccer or volleyball because I’m a sports person. I’m really active and have lots of energy so I can play for hours. I don’t have any pets and wouldn’t want any pets because they just seem like a hassle and I’m not really an animal person. Lastly, My parents motivate me, they’re the driving force for me to keep working and doing what I do. I want to repay them back for what they’ve done for me in my youth up until now. Once it’s been repaid I just want to live a happy and relaxing life.


The colleges that I am considering right now are UW Madison or Marquette. UW Madison if I like dorm life better and Marquette if I like home life better. So far though, I think I like home life better, because I haven’t experienced much dorm life yet and don’t know if it’s better than home life yet. My intended majors and careers are pretty similar. I’m undecided so far on my major and career, but I have a few ideas like a general contractor, architect, or financial advisor. Some majors I’m looking at are architecture, Business Management, Graphic/Web Design, and Economics. There is also a lot of time for me to choose so we’ll just have to wait and see in the future what I become


I have 3 other siblings, one older and two younger. My older sibling is 2 years older than me, the 3rd youngest is 4 years younger than me, and the youngest is 4 years younger than the 3rd youngest. My older brother, my parents, and I were all born in Thailand. They all have way more memories of Thailand than me. Currently, my dad works as a CNC operator and my mom is an assembly line worker. My older brother graduated high school and is going to school at Stanford University. My little brother is going to 8th grade and the youngest is going to 3rd grade. 


My hobbies are playing soccer, volleyball, and the flute. I played soccer for my middle school team in 7th and 8th grade and am also playing all throughout high school. I started playing soccer because I just suddenly found it interesting and I used to play it during recess in middle school so I thought why not play for the school team. I play volleyball for fun with my friends and family. I’ve only started playing volleyball since high school, but it’s really fun and I do expect to keep on playing until I can’t keep up physically anymore; which is the same for soccer as well. I started playing the flute in 7th grade as well and will only probably play the flute up until I graduate from high school. I don’t plan on playing the flute in college nor becoming a musician, but I might buy a flute later on in life if I have the money to play from time to time. It gets really fun when you’re able to play your favorite music or songs; which I can. In middle school my brother was already in the band, he played the alto sax and I thought why not just join the band as well in my 7th grade. I didn’t find it that interesting when I was in 6th grade so I didn’t join then.

I am very interested in learning Korean and maybe Mandarin in the future because I watch a lot of tv shows, videos, and listen to a lot of Korean and Chinese music so I want to understand the language. I also want to study abroad in Korea or China in college so if I gain a basic understanding or even intermediate understanding of their languages, I would like it much better. Learning these two languages would also mean that I would be able to speak 5 languages as I am learning Spanish right now and plan to continue learning it in college as well. Along with English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese, my mother tongue is Hmong so with 5 languages under my belt, I would be able to do much more in my life.

Guest Speakers

Think about what I want to do, not what I want to be. In the process of living life and “working” as in a job or career, you still have to be a genuine person. Don’t just be a doctor, a basketball player, or a business man, be a person as well.

Travel, even if it’s in the U.S. because you’ll find out that everywhere else is different from Milwaukee. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

“Every path is hard, so might as well do something that you will find fun and enjoyable. You are the change.”

Find who you are. Define Yourself.

Your choices are ultimately going to land you in one of those yards. The courtyard, graveyard, and the backyard; the one where you wanna be.

You can either live for yourself, which is very expensive, or live for others, in which you profit off of their success and it results in a shared win.

Don’t conform to outside pressure, think for your self.

Beulah Land Experience

Beulah Land was an amazing experience for me, especially being able to be out on a farm and doing lots of physical work was great. Feeding cows, catching chickens, doing gardening work, moving turkeys, and lastly, giving back some of my wisdom to middle schoolers was all a surreal experience. I liked the trip a lot and Marcus and Efueko were great hosts. I also learned a lot about sustainability from Marcus and Efueko.

Thank you, Marcus and Efueko.

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