I am from Milwaukee, I pretty much grew up on the east side of town spending most of my life on Keefe street. I have 3 siblings that live with me but 7 in all (2 girls and 5 boys). My mom is unemployed at the moment but my dad works as a caretaker helping take care of his father. My favorite color is blue and black because black blends in and is a part of everything and blue just seems really vibrant to me. I actually don’t have a favorite food anymore, it was pizza and my favorite Christmas gift was an Xbox one which I still have to this day. 

  • At the moment I want to attend the University of California, Berkeley or study abroad in one of its programs in Norway or Canada

  • I might have to live the dorm life, but I much prefer the home life. It feels good to be able to have space and do what you want in your own home.

  • Become a Marriage and family therapist after college, because I really enjoy listening and helping people.

Alexis taught me that 3 of the most important parts of a photo are the angle, lighting, and creativity. The first two I believe are important for every photographer to have, however creativity is what will always set them apart from the others. What do you want to capture? What do you want to say? In the words of Lexi, “Be You!”.