Self and Family ♥

Hi! My name is Precious. Welcome to my page this page is filled with memories over the years with my friends and family. Most of these pictures are when I was child, I love these pictures so much because it has shown how I have grown over the years. Pictures express so much and that’s what makes these pictures extremely special to me.

Before & After Photos ♥

Random Facts ♥

Dream job?

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My dream job would probably to be a successful model and actress. I would love to start my own business one day.

How old are you?

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I am 17

What’s my favorite color?

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My favorite color is light blue!

Where am I from?

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I was born in Nigeria and I moved to Milwaukee when I was one. Since I have been here my whole life I would probably want to live somewhere else like California or New York.

Hobbies ♥

These are pictures of me when I was playing volleyball I have been playing since 5th grade. I love playing volleyball it excites me and I love to win. The other picture is me doing the martin Luther King Junior speeches I have been doing that since 5th grade too. The other picture is me doing modeling and I have just started to get into that recently. I also hope to get into acting too. 

Farm ♥

My favorite part about the farm was chasing the chickens even though it was hard I still got it done and that’s how life will be their will be obstacles in your way that you will have to face.

Speaker ♥

Efueko and Kendra

They talked about their business Dottera and I loved their products because they smelled so good. I also loved how they talked about heir faith.

Social Media ♥